Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Neti Mania! (Or, Zen and the Art of Nasal Passage Maintenance)

My first pass at this sentence began with "I have received numerous requests ...." but I decided that that was a lie since requests have not exactly been "numerous". However I have received requestS (plural) to write some more, about some of the specific things mentioned elsewhere in the blog. So here we go. A post about ... NETI POTS! Or is it "netti", with two Ts? I have seen it both ways. But I like one T so there it is. I am a huge fan of neti pots. And while it is true that they take some getting used to I am here to tell you that it is definitely worth it. Whether you have sinus trouble or not, I highly recommend making nasal irrigation a part of your routine! I feel like I should also point out that the actual POT is not the point. Irrigation is the point, and neti is the most popular (and in my opinion easiest) way to get 'er done. Needless to say keeping those nasal passages clean goes a LONG way toward combating sinusitis, as well as keeping sinusitis from getting chronic. But as I mentioned above, it's good practice across the board. And in case you are wondering no I do NOT have a neti pot manufacturing plant in my backyard. At least as far as you know, HA! I think next I will write about either FESS or balloon sinuplasty. Unless anyone else has any bright ideas - ? If so please send them along. Maybe it makes more sense to write another post on a topic closer to the neti. So maybe I'll do that. Ok that's it. Have a great day!


  1. I appreciate your comments on my post the on "What's Up Your Nose!" Sinus infections have been a bain for years! Until I learned about flushing my sinuses. Plus, I have a deviated septum, and some other funky thing, that inhibits drainage. However, I sufferred many years with Chronic Sinus infections, and no one the tell me about this simple exercise to "keep it movin!" I happen to have a fabulous M.D. that did the sinus x-rays and then sent me to the ENT surgeon. Viola! No more sinus infections for me!!! When I get a cold, I start flushing, and all that junk just comes right out. Also, I'd like to add that I never use antihistamines anymore, and the article states that it makes the drainage thicker and harder to remove, and causing it to linger in your nasal passages and sinus cavities. "Oy Vey!" I even ruptured an eardrum years ago, when I had a severe sinus infection! That is how bad it got for me.

    Thank you again, for your comment on my post. I truly appreciate that you took the time to read it and post. Have a great day, and stay well.


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