Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Levels of invasiveness

From what I have gathered and/or experienced, there are many ways to approach Chronic Sinusitis treatment. Some people are more comfortable with things like antibiotics and surgeries. Some people are committed to exhausting all of the more natural remedies before resorting to all that.
As with anything it is best to listen to your body and to have an open dialog with your doctor. 
It will come as no surprise to those that know me that I decided to ... use POWERPOINT! Here's a nifty little diagram I came up with. I'm thinking about having it printed on t-shirts ....


  1. Hi there - I wanted to thank you for your helpful comment on http://www.HealingOurWorld.net/ and ask that you please visit again and regularly - we would *love* to have your insights and knowledge there. Also, please register for our forums and join the discussion - we need more healers and since this is a new project (and all for charity) I'm hoping that you will consider becoming a part of our effort to make a difference in our world.

    Many blessings,

  2. Hi Dee. Thanks so much for your note. Sorry for my tardy reply as we have been traveling!

    I will visit your site again and expect to dive right in! Thanks for the invite.

    I am something of an internet research junkie and always love a new resource!

    I always stress a "to each his/her own" approach. For some this means yoga and a neti pot to others it's balloon sinuplasty. Each case and each person is different!

    Thanks again for posting. Be Well!

  3. Hey GDC, I came across your blog and wanted to tell you about a new product that my dr recommened. I too suffer from chronic sinusitis and was getting no relief and did not want to try surgery. My dr. had a few samples of Sinol that he gave me to try over a weeks time and I have to tell you I love the product. At first I was unsure about using it but eventually after a conversation with the girl that works there I tried it and it has given me great relief. The best thing is that it is an all natural product. I have been using it for about 4 months and I feel so much better. Just thought you might get some relief also. I recommend the product to anyone who has any type of sinus problems it really works.

  4. Hello GDC,

    I am very happy to see that I am not alone with sinusitis. When I found out that I couldn't do some sport without getting problems a few days later (let alone swimming..) I was really unhappy. I have done a lot of "research" as well. I live in Europe and the trade names of medications may be different. I am now writing a complete book about my experiences online and I wand to invite you to comment on my findings. Maybe I can learn from you. This is my e-Mail address: marcus@sinus-cure.net