Monday, December 21, 2009

Natural's not in it

My last post was about changes in diet being potentially helpful when combating sinus issues. This post follows a similar thread and will include my thoughts on a more holistic approach to treating sinusitis. I have already covered my love for all things Neti (2 posts ago), so we will table that. But another thing to try if you are attempting to keep the nasal passages clear is steam. Get yourself a good room vaporizer or 2. Definitely one next to your bed and also one at work if you sit in one place more or less all day. I have also heard much about yoga and acupuncture being useful in keeping things clear up there. Some people swear by horseradish and other spicy foods (EATING them, not somehow, uhhh, applying them to the nose. Ok never mind.). The point here is simply to look for ways to work WITH your body instead of against it. IMHO things like medication or surgery should not be viewed as the primary or "automatic" choice. So whether it's herbal tea, changes in diet, neti pot, or even balloon sinuplasty for more advance cases - make sure you are considering things like this in mind. Things that are less invasive and don't alter your body or your natural healing mechanisms. As always I would love to hear your comments! Happy Holidays and take care everybody.


  1. Looking at some entries here on the blog and it's good info. Wondering about sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty mostly as mine are chronic. Good practical advice though. Thanks.

  2. sorry for this much delay.
    I couldnt notice tour comment.i will send you the detalis of balloon sinuplasty soon...